Henry's Road to Recovery, Back to the Farm

The Sandefer Farm family needs our help! Henry was seriously injured in a farm accident and has a long road to recovery. He is in a wheelchair with a turtle shell brace and needs help with many things we take for granted. St Peter's Lutheran Church in Verona, NY has set a goal to help them with at least one meal per day for two months. We are setting up an account with Stampede Steakhouse & Saloon in Verona so they can order meals and not have to worry about finding time to prepare dinner at the end of a busy day. Please join us and make a donation toward our goal of $3600 to help make their lives a little easier during this stressful time.


Here is a link to the Facebook page set up by the family

Henry's Road to Recovery Back to the Farm

St. Peters has set up an account with Generosity.com to collect the donations.
Please Click Here to make your donation on-line, we prefer you donate on-line and do the associated social sharing (i.e. Facebook) to help spred the word, but you can also donate off-line by sending a check to St. Peters. Please be sure to put "Henry's Road to Recovery" on the check.

Henry Sandefer
Sandefer family
Sandefer family

Sandefer family with Pastor

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