Online Worship: First Sunday of Advent

Welcome to the end of the world as we know it—and the beginning of something new. Our readings sound the alarm but also end with a word of hope: God will not forget humankind. The barrier between heaven and earth will be torn open. Christ will come again to make God’s dream of justice and […]

Online Worship: Christ the King Sunday

Calling Jesus a king is ironic. His power exceeds any earthly king’s, but it’s not about being placed over others, to make them do as he wishes. His power is expressed through love, through compassion, through being with those at the bottom of the pyramid, not the top. In today’s readings, we hear that Jesus […]

Online Worship: Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Weddings are full of excitement, as well as expectations (spoken and unspoken) and stress. Today Jesus tells a parable about ten bridesmaids with an important wedding task that consumes all their focus. They forget that their joyful presence is the most important way to welcome others to the wedding feast. We also worry about what […]

Online Worship: All Saints Sunday

Our saints are not only our loved ones who have gone on ahead of us (as important as they may be). Saints are those who taught us what it means to have hope in Christ. They persisted in dreaming the impossible dream of a world filled with God’s peace and reconciliation and healing. They showed […]

Online Worship: Reformation Sunday

Today we remember and celebrate the good news that time and time again, God is a god of love and mercy and forgiveness for a wayward people. Every age needs a messenger to remind us of this truth. Jeremiah reminded the Jews of his time. Luther reminded sixteenth-century Europe. We need to be reminded too. […]

Online Worship: Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

In much of life we are spectators, but in worship we are called to be full participants at whatever level we are able. Today we share something different: “Try It” Sunday, when we take time in the midst of worship to learn about worship, and how the different roles people fulfill each contribute something unique […]

Online Worship: River Sunday—Season of Creation

It’s impossible to escape rivers. Every square inch of land is in some type of watershed, and nearly every person lives within a mile of some kind of river or stream, providing things necessary for life. Rivers also connect us with each other, as conduits for transportation and culture. In our gospel reading today, Jesus […]