Stewardship at St. Peter’s

Stewardship–caring for what God has given you–is a key aspect of discipleship and growing as a Christian.  It includes time, talent, and treasure–all the different resources God has given you.  At St. Peter’s we take time each fall to focus on stewardship.

For 2021, our stewardship theme is “The Gratitude Epidemic.”  While we don’t wish to make light of the terrible impact COVID-19 has had on our world, we wanted to imagine the opposite: a pandemic that gives life (rather than taking it away) and leaves us with a positive experience rather than a positive test result!  Gratitude is wonderfully contagious.  When we show gratitude and bless each other with what we’ve been given, God’s love and grace can spread throughout the world.

Below you will find the 2021 stewardship materials inviting you to consider how you might be called to bless others.  This can include making a giving plan for the coming year and sharing it with us.  (Rest assured, the only person who will see it is our financial secretary.)  Making a giving plan empowers you to sustainably share your resources without shame or guilt.  Sharing your plan with us helps us to use it wisely.

Letter of Invitation–Fall 2021

“Contact Tracing” Report

Giving Card for 2022

If you’d like to see what we’ve done in previous years, below you will find the 2020 stewardship materials for the theme “This Is Us!”:

Letter of Invitation–Fall 2020

The stewardship reflections shared in worship during the fall of 2020 are here: