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Online Worship: Fourth Sunday after Epiphany

Cause and effect helps us understand a lot about the world, but even cause and effect breaks down sometimes. Bad things happen to good people and vice versa. But bad things are not a sign of God’s punishment, or even the lack of God’s presence. In this introduction to the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus […]

Online Worship: Third Sunday after Epiphany

Decision after decision…life is full of choices to make, sometimes overwhelmingly so. How do you weigh your options and choose what seems best? Jesus and his prospective disciples both have some big choices to make in today’s gospel reading. What prompts them to make the decisions that lead them down that road by the sea? […]

Online Worship: Second Sunday after Epiphany

What are you looking for? The answer to that question reveals a lot about who you are and what drives you. Everyone seems to be looking for Jesus to be something special in today’s gospel reading, but he focuses on seeing and knowing his first disciples. By being fully seen and fully known, we are […]

Online Worship: Christmas Eve

In winter’s deepest night, we welcome the light of the Christ child. Isaiah declares that the light of the long-promised king will illumine the world and bring endless peace and justice. The angels declare that Jesus’ birth is good and joyful news for everyone, including lowly shepherds. Filled with the light that shines in our […]

Online Worship: Fourth Sunday of Advent

The night is almost here! With Christmas only a week away, today the children take a turn as the preachers as they bring us the good news of Jesus’ birth through drama, story and song. The youngest among us tell the beloved story of how another child, a very special child, came into the world […]

Online Worship: Second Sunday of Advent

At the heart of our Advent preparation stands John the Baptist, who calls us to repent and make a new beginning. As the darkness increases we turn toward the approaching light of Christ. For Christians, Jesus is the root of Jesse, the righteous judge who welcomes all, especially the poor and meek of the earth. […]

Online Worship: First Sunday of Advent

It has been said before that all human beings are storytellers. It is human nature to mine our past for nuggets of meaning, melt them down and reshape them into tools for building the future. Our reading from Isaiah talks about a time when all the nations will take weapons of death and reshape them […]

Online Worship: Christ the King Sunday

Kings are the stuff of legends and history in the U.S., complete with riches and power and glory. But Jesus is a totally different kind of king. The end of the church year is marked with the festival of Christ the King, when we celebrate and give thanks that Christ is greater than all earthly […]