Sunday School To Go

How do you learn about your faith when you can’t be together? St. Peter’s thought about this question when COVID hit in March of 2020, and created Sunday School To Go for grades K through 6, with story videos on our YouTube channel and craft kits delivered to families’ homes.

Today we invite families to check out our Sunday School To Go videos during busy times like Christmas. At other times of the year, we gather kids and adults for faith formation and dinner on Friday evenings.

Below are the Christmas-related videos that tell the story of Jesus’ birth. Related crafts are available for download in the right-hand column. (please disregard the references to specific crafts in the videos themselves.)

You can also watch all of our Sunday School To Go Bible story videos on our YouTube channel.

Angels visited Mary and Joseph and told them about the coming baby Jesus.
Mary then went to visit her relative Elizabeth, who was about to give birth to John the Baptist.
Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem, where Mary gave birth to Jesus.
Angels told the shepherds in the fields to go visit the new baby Jesus.
Some time after Jesus was born, magi (also known as wise men or kings) came from the East looking for him.