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Online Worship: Storm Sunday—Perfect Storm

Storms have a strange magnetic pull on us. They can terrify us, but they can also fascinate us, invigorate us, inspire us, and even soothe us to sleep. But when they grow and intensify beyond what we can bear, they overwhelm us with the realization of how climate change has tilted our planet out of […]

Online Worship: Ocean Sunday—Deep Frontier

The ocean has captured human imagination, both mythical and scientific, for centuries. Deep, mysterious, dangerous and unpredictable…but also part of us. God cares for the ocean like a child, like our brother or sister. Jesus partners with the ocean to teach his followers and bring abundance to the people. Through Christ we are one with […]

Online Worship: Universe Sunday—Wandering Star

A few months ago, NASA’s new Webb telescope showed us incredibly detailed and beautiful images of the Carina Nebula that captured our imagination. By showing the universe as a place where new life was being born, suddenly we didn’t feel quite so alone out here in our backwater arm of the Milky Way. God’s Wisdom, […]

Online Worship: Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

Invited and inviting—that is the nature of the church. By God’s grace in holy baptism we have a place at Christ’s banquet table. When, by the power of that same Spirit, humility and mutual love continue among us, the church can be more inviting still. Our guest preacher and presider this day is Mr. Tom […]