Online Worship: Fourth Sunday in Lent—Hard Healing

Well before modern vaccines, ancient people knew that sometimes, the cure is found within the illness. Snakebite antidotes are derived from poison, phobias are cured by facing fears, and spiritually, God’s treatment for sin is the cross of Jesus Christ. Through God’s strong, gracious and eternal love, the cross is transformed from a method of execution to the symbol of eternal life.

The Bible readings for this worship service are: Numbers 21:4-9; Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22; Ephesians 2:1-10; and John 3:14-21.

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All hymns in this service are either in the public domain or are streamed and reprinted with permission under OneLicense # A-733782 or CCLI license no. 1408210. All rights reserved.

“Brazen Serpent” monument by Giovanni Fantoni, located at Mount Nebo in Jordan. Photo by Daniel Tsai and downloaded from Pixabay.

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