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Online Worship: Mountain Sunday (Season of Creation)

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.” John Muir, known as the patron saint of the American wilderness, penned these words. But mountains are more than a beautiful, wild, majestic trek in the wilderness. They convey the truth of our faith journey, that God’s future awaits. This worship service includes Communion as an extension […]

Online Worship: Sky Sunday (Season of Creation)

God is “up there.”  Right?  Human beings throughout history have looked to the skies for help, for divine providence, for inspiration.  We have also viewed the skies as an inexhaustible dumping ground, or a harbinger of God’s wrath.  What would it look like to reconcile, or indeed to unify, heaven and earth? This worship service […]

Online Worship: Humanity Sunday (Season of Creation)

“It’s too peopley out there.” Phrases like this were popular before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but now they can mean a situation is too crowded for comfort, or that one’s faith in humanity is being shaken. In our readings today, God calls humanity to turn away from “peopley” things like domination and unbridled power and […]